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Pierre Quiroule (W W Sayer) - The Vanished Millions - Sexton Blake Library 330/1924 and 467 Feb 1935


Pierre Quiroule (W W Sayer)- The Vanished Million - Sexton Blake Library 330/1924 (reprinted as SBL 467/Feb 1935)

Author`s pseudonym sometimes misprinted as Pierre Quirole

This is not one I have in my own collection, I read it online on the Comicbookplus site. 

It is some time since I read it, but I remember it tolerably well hopefully.

This story features not only Sexton Blake and Tinker but also Mr Sayer`s own characters Granite Grant and Mademoiselle Julie. The action is set in both England and Latvia. 

The plot is sufficiently involved to hold the readers` interest, but not so involved as to become convoluted. 

The portrayal of Blake is very much as it should be - both a man of action and a thinking man, a determined purser of wrongdoers but also a man capable of compassion. 

As a general thing, my particular interest is in the Blake of the post-war years but it doesn`t pay to be dogmatic about these things and I would say this was an enjoyable read for me and one I would like to revisit at some point. 

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