Friday, 31 August 2012

News From Hoonaloon 31 August 2012

After our sale in July we entered into an arrangement with ABE whereby those of our books that had been discounted as part of the sale remained at the sale price, but new titles added subsequently went online at their full price.

In light of the difficult times we are all living in, we`ve decided to leave that arrangement in place a little longer - all the items we have in stock that were reduced as part of the July sale will continue to be discounted until 15 Sept 2012.

Whether you`re planning some early Christmas shopping, looking for something to read for pleasure or pursuing a hobby or other leisure interest, this is your chance to pick up a bargain or two from our splendid stock of literary loveliness.

Remember our slogan - Respect the Book !

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Vintage Magazines Revisited

Call it serendipity, but quite by accident recently I came across this excellent online source for vintage magazines of a variety of types and persuasions ;

I have hardly scratched the surface of the many old periodicals on offer, but here are a few items which may interest visitors to this blog ;



I must stress that I`ve only made the most cursory search of the site so far and this is really just meant as a taster. Investigate ardently and I`m sure other treasures will be revealed !

Having digressed quite a bit recently, I will return to the subject of Sexton tout suite.


Edinburgh Crime Panel Event

I`m grateful to Ross Bradshaw of Nottingham`s Five Leaves publishing company for providing details of another crime writing event, this one being at Waterstones, Edinburgh West End on Thurs 6 Sep 2012 ;

Crime Writers Association

Should you wish to spend your leisure time in the company of people who spend much  of their waking hours dreaming up new and ingenious ways in which people might do away with each other, and speculating about the motives which might drive them to do so, then this link may be of interest ;

Something for Sextonians

Somewhat belatedly ; here`s a little something that may be of interest to admirers of the excellent Mr Blake ;

Steve Holland - `Sexton Blake Annual 1928, posted 23 Aug 2012 at .

Monday, 6 August 2012

Blood and Gore at Prices You Can Afford

Another month is upon us and now seems a good time to look at our more recently acquired dollops of crime and punishment.

At 5191 we have Alexander McGregor`s The Law Killers, a collection of true crime stories from |Dundee. Journalist-turned-author Alexander turns his hand to both fiction and fact, as anyone familiar with his novel Lawless can confirm. Most true crime collections with a local/regional slant  have a relatively limited market, particularly when they are published by a small, independent publisher. A shame really, as they`re often very good.  The Law Killers was the exception that proved the rule as it was a great success, probably the result of Mr McG`s  appearances on TV crime documentaries.

 Linda Regan is an actress and author  ( who has the good fortune to be published by the Chesterfield-based Creme de la Crime publishing house. Copies of her book Behind You can be found at  2959 and 5194 in our listings.

These are only a couple of the crime titles we have in stock at present, chosen partly because they are relatively recent acquisitions and partly because they are inexpensive, given the current economic climate.

Whether you`re looking for collectable crime or have a liking for bloodshed at bargain basement prices, just remember, Hoonaloon`s our name and crime is our game !" *

All the Best,

Nick and Ann-Marie
Hoonaloon Books

* As are history, mythology, antiquarian fiction and much else, but whilst writing this I went into `50s b-movie mode and felt I should "be like an alligator and make it snappy".