Thursday, 18 October 2012

Even More From Undershaw

This poster advertises an event due to take place in Hindhead during December in aid of the Undershaw Preservation Trust.
I must admit I`m not a lover of the wacky spoof thing, but it`s in a good cause.
More details from

Monday, 1 October 2012

The Assassin`s Wedding

There are those who say that crime fiction is not as popular as it was, and that it largely caters for a readership who (dare we say it ?) are not as young as they were.
I must admit that last time I went to a crime fiction event there was a preponderance of grey hair and sensible sweaters. I also have to admit that while I tend to think of myself as some one who`s still quite young, a quick glance in the mirror shows that this is not actually the case !
Having said that, I`m not so sure that crime fiction is in terminal decline. Since I`ve expanded the scope of this blog to encompass a wider variety of material, I`ve been struck by how many different permutations on the theme of crime writing there are ; historical, contemporary and golden age crime fiction are just three of the varieties that spring to mind.
A newcomer to the field is W.W. Morgan, whose third novel The Assassin`s Wedding is out now. 
Needles to say, I am giving this Nottingham lad a plug partly to encourage an unknown writer, partly because he is based in the city of my birth and partly because we have a copy of his book to sell !
Our copy of this worthy tome is at 5352 in our listings and can be ordered in the usual way. If you`d like to know more about this writer, an interview can be found by clicking here ;
He looks a cheerful sort of lad, so good luck to him !
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That`s enough from me for now. Happy reading and don`t forget, Respect the Book  !