Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Return of Sexton Blake

As you may know, the Sexton Blake Library ceased trading in 1963.

 It`s a myth that Sexton stopped having new adventures at that point as there were a couple of new titles ( Simon Ravens` much-maligned Sexton Blake and the Demon God appeared as a book and TV series in 1978.  I personally enjoyed it though it didn`t please the purists ! ) but these were exceptions rather than the rule.

While  most fans contented themselves as best they could by collecting vintage examples of Sextonian sleuthing, two men plotted together in their secret lair. One was Mark Hodder, erstwhile proprietor of the greatly missed (by me, anyway) Blakiana website, the other was a shadowy figure known only as Stuart Douglas.

They experienced setback, they experienced delays, but they were strangers to discouragement, distractions and diversions. At last, the long wait was over. Now was the time to unleash their vision on the world.

Was the world ready ?  Only time would tell. The time was right for Sexton Blake to return !

Catch up with the latest adventure of our Saville-Row-suited sleuth between the covers of Mark Hodders` The Silent Thunder Caper, published by Stuart Douglas` Obverse Books ( http://obversebooks.co.uk ) . In addition to Mr Hodders` tale , the volume also contains a slice of vintage Sextonianism,  G H Teeds`  The Wireless Telephone Clue, which originally appeared in 1922. 

Happy Reading !