Monday, 2 July 2012

Undershaw Preservation Trust

I`ll be returning to the world of Sexton Blake very soon but in the meantime I`d like to give a shameless plug to the Undershaw Preservation Trust.

The UPT is a body devoted to preserving Sir Arthur Conan Doyle`s former home Undershaw (Hindhead, Surrey) and hopefully to finding a new purpose for this sadly-neglected building, possibly as some sort of Doyle/Holmes museum.

There`s no real need for any further explanation from me, as the Trust is well able to speak for itself.

To learn more, visit these sites ;

The UPT also has volunteer representatives in the USA. One of these is Jacquelynn Morris, who can be contacted at either of these sites ;

Despite some initial successes, it`s by no means certain the group will prevail in the longer term, so it`s important the campaign does not begin to lose momentum at this stage.

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