Friday, 29 March 2013

Just a hasty note

Just a hasty note from me to say I haven`t abandoned this blog, but circumstances beyond my control have kept me from giving it any attention recently.

I will be back for some serious sleuthing in due course.

 Until then, keep up with me at and .


  1. I regularly come here for your excellent Blake reviews, so keep up the good work! I'm reading 'The House of the Hanging Sword' at the moment, from the omnibus 'Sexton Blake Wins', edited by Jack Adrian.

    1. Thank you Dave for this and your other comments.

      I also have Sexton Blake Wins, which is invaluable, though my copy is getting a bit battered now.

      I`m aiming to try to add to this blog more regularly in future and always welcome any feedback.

      All the Best,