Friday, 17 May 2013

Obverse Books Acquires License to Sexton Blake From IPC Media

It gave me great pleasure earlier this week to receive a Press Release from Obverse Books announcing  their "acquisition from IPC media of the license to the famous Baker Street detective Sexton Blake."

The release goes on to give a quick summary of the history of our fictional sleuth before explaining their plan "to resurrect the famous Sexton Blake Library, commencing with a new novella by best-selling genre author George Mann entitled `Sexton Blake and the Vengeful Dead` , combined in one hardback and electronic volume with a reprint of a rare, classic Blake story from the inter-war years. "

For more information contact Stuart Douglas at Obverse Books via their website .

I for one will be very happy to see a  re-invigorated SBL with new titles by current authors. I personally would hope that they will also seize the chance to reprint some of the more interesting post-war Blakes as well as the pre-war stuff, but that may be just me.

Anyway, it`s a worthy venture which I hope all Blake fans will support.

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  1. I'm really excited about this too! What with The Saint stories being reprinted too by Mullholland Books, it seems these great British action heroes are making a very belated comeback!